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Hand with cue aiming on billiard ball at table

About Dave’s Billiard Service

Dave's Billiard Service has been in business for 12 years. Our proprietor found a calling in the billiard industry after working odd jobs offering pool table service. When we saw that Edmonton and the surrounding areas were badly lacking in hands-on, owner-operated billiard table services, we launched our business and watched it grow rapidly, driven by the basic values of convenience and courtesy.

Balls of billiard in focus

Excellent Customer Service

At Dave's Billiard Service, we are dedicated to providing timely and efficient repair, installation, and maintenance services for pool tables to our extensive clientele. We are excited to develop our business even further, but we pledge to maintain the personal, caring, owner-run charm that our customers have always expected from us. To know more about us or the services we offer, give us a call at 780-984-4722.

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