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High-quality Billiard Accessories in Edmonton

Want to buy pool table essentials for your next game? At Dave’s Billiard Service, we offer top-of-the-shelf billiard accessories that can make your games more fun. Be it cues, chalks or triangles, our team can help you get all the pool table merchandise so that you can start the game in no time. With over 10 years of experience meeting various billiards needs, we have become the go-to guys for quality pool table accessories in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today and ask our team about the availability of the products you are looking for.

Billiard balls in triangle rack on table

Items We Carry

Better accessories can make your pool session more enjoyable. Here are some of the accessories you can get from us:

  • Cues

  • Chalks

  • Pockets

  • Triangles

  • Billiard balls

  • Bridge sticks

  • Bridgeheads

  • Table brushes

  • Billiard fabrics

  • Ball and cue racks

  • Pool table covers

  • Under rail brushes

billiard balls and sticks in a green pool table

Want a Specific Billiard Accessory?

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